Get Your Home Ready To Sell


Don't List It Just Yet!

As your local Real Estate Agent, one of my specific tasks are to fully help Sellers realize how important it is, to trust my judgement when it comes to listing their property. A lot of times the Sellers I assist may have sold homes in the past with other Agents and were not given specific guidance on what would make their home appear better and potentially get them more money for their home. Some Agents take the listing, and post photos of Sellers homes and don't care about getting top dollar. This is another area, in which I take pride in setting myself apart. As much as you, the Seller may be ready to list, I always do my best to ensure you can and will receive the best offer, based on doing some simple and upfront touchups. If spending a few hundred dollars could bring in a few thousand dollars, wouldn't you love that trade-off? Not everyone does but I show and help you get these things done and receive thousands more. Here are a few examples:  

 - Practice thorough yard maintenance.

 - Reseal cracks in concrete areas.

 - Power-wash the exterior.

 - Clean and align gutters and downspouts.

 - Wash windows.

 - Wash all light switches, handrails and doorknobs.

There are several more steps on my checklist that I offer, to ensure you get the most views on your home, so you get and accept the best offer. Contact me today and I'll show you how to make this happen!